One of my favorite things!

So there is this wonderful little thing called an instant pot…  It makes life (especially with fatigue) a little bit easier with its quick and easy yogurt making, 2-hour bone broth, quick and easy rice making, dry beans cooked in 2 mins once it gets to pressure and much much more! Plus all the great things you get with a slow cooker only fast! Which means if you forgot to throw everything in a pot in the morning, you can still throw it all in the pot and have supper an hour or less after you start!  And the best part is that it’s on for 44% off today with a prime membership on My mom and I both got one on prime days last year and have not at all regretted it! In fact, we both bought a second one on black Friday we love them so much! So if you want to get yourself one of these amazing little pots at almost half off, click on the link below to join prime and then click on the picture of the instant pot below or if you’re already a Prime member just click on the picture of the instant pot.  You won’t regret it! 😉

Amazon Prime

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